AltFuels Communications Group (former NGV Communications Group) is a communication company and event organizer with more than 35 years of experience, with offices in Latin America and Europe. Since its inception, the Group specialized and dedicated itself to the natural gas industry for vehicular use and has expanded, in recent years, to the entire alternative fuel market and its various applications.

Regarding the communication platform, we have AltFuels Journal, an online portal that publishes the most relevant and current news from the natural gas and alternative fuels industry, in Spanish and English, which are sent via e-mail to more than 18,000 certified and replicated contacts on social networks, which expands its reach exponentially.

In addition, during our long history we have published different magazines -both in paper and electronic format- covering all markets and regions, such as Prensa Vehicular, GNV Latin America, The Gas Vehicles Report (GVR), Asian NGV Communications, NGVJournal.US, NGV Africa, Peru Vehicle Press, Colombia Vehicle Press, Folha do GNV and, more recently, AltFuels Magazine.

Currently, we publish AltFuels Magazine, a renewed and totally interactive online publication that, in addition to having the most outstanding news and editorials by the main experts in the sector, has multimedia content, photo galleries and videos both in the articles and news as well as in the advertisements. This e-magazine is also sent to our database of over 18,000 international contacts.

We have subscriptions and clients in more than 100 nations on five continents, and the information we offer in our media is a source of consultation for legislative, judicial and governmental bodies, as well as companies and professionals.

Regarding the organization of fairs, we have held exhibitions and conferences all over the world since 1991, often on behalf of different associations. We understand as fundamental for the development of the industry the work together with the different associations.

We are members and/or cooperate with:

AMGNV (founding member), WGMC (founding member), ANGVA, NGVA Europe, NGVAmerica, ALGNV (founding member), CAGNC (Argentine Chamber of CNG), NGV Italy, Peruvian Chamber of NGV (founding member), CAPEC (Argentina), AMGN (Association Mexicana del Gas Natural), SPGNCA (Peruvian Society of Natural Gas and Alternative Fuels), NGV International Academy (founding member), ANUVSH (National Association of Verification Units of the Hydrocarbons Sector – Mexico), IBP (Brazilian Institute of Petroleum and Gas), WLPGA (World LPG Association) and Liquid Gas Europe.

We characterize ourselves by offering a little more every day to our readers, exhibitors, sponsors, advertisers and other clients.We innovate to grow with them.

AltFuels Communications Group is a world leader in alternative fuel communication and events.