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Open Space* U$S 380.- U$S 280.-
Basic Assembly optional U$S 100.- U$S 98.-

*VAT not included. Price exempt of retentions. Exhibition open days: April 20 & 21

This amount will be settled as follows:
Booking of space: 40% upon receipt of the invoice on signing this agreement. The remaining amount, 60%, to be paid 60 days prior to the exhibition date (Before February 28, 2023) Note: THE EXHIBITOR will not be included in the floor plan or official event lists until he pays the 40% of the booking.

    Name with which you wish to appear on the Exhibitor Poster and Catalog:

    We are glad to apply for the participation in the Exhibition of AltFuels Perú 2023 to be held on April 20 & 21, 2023 in Halls 1, Villa Complejo Ferial, Lima, Perú. Likewise, we would like to make a request in order to rent a space which measure and price in us dollars we inform below.

    • Optional – Basic Assembly. Price per m2: USD ….98.-
    • Mandatory servicesPrice per m2: USD …25.-

    1 Cleaning of common areas, waste disposal, civil liability insurance and medical service. Non-refundable sums


    For producing the official catalogue, the booth fascia, and the general promotion of the event, we require the submission of 50 words (in English and Spanish) with the description of your company’s activity or product, company’s name to be published as well as address, phone number, e-mail and website in WORD DOCUMENT. Also your company´s high resolution logo. Please send this information to: Alejandro Gardella
    IMPORTANT: Exhibitors MUST inform to Technical Coordinator 30 days prior to event, their machines and/or vehicles that will be shown in order to access to assembly.